AO-Interactive was founded in 2013 and since its founding, the company has delivered successful projects to various clients and has surpassed their expectations. We believe that using innovation in new technologies and integrating it with our products and services is a must to enhance our client's experience. Therefore in year 2015, our company invested more in research and development on technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Hence our company provides fully integrated VR solutions using technologies like HTC VIVE and HOLO LENSE for Medical, Real Estate, Entertainment and Education Industries.



Research & Development

Established in 2003 Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are the leaders of Media Production. With many successful projects under Iconize belt we have gained experience in creating top quality content that competes with the international market. Being awarded as one of the fastest growing 100 companies in KSA by SAGIA in 2008, Iconize continued its growth and increased its market share in the local industry. Iconize ha helped AO-Interactive to stay at top of its game.

Our Fantastic Clients